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fast,accurate prices.


WELCOME to the newest addition to online tools for those who love the great American craft of Carnival Glass. This first edition is offered free to all users to introduce you to this style of guide. In the next few months I'll be gradually updating the guide to include 2015 prices.

 Shortly after January 1, this website will become a subscription-only Price Guide. You will need to purchase a subscription for the 2016 year to view it.  The bonus is that you'll not only get 2015 prices, but also updated 2016 prices.  I plan to add 2016 prices on a monthly basis.  

In the next year I also hope to expand this Price Guide to include other vintage glass, first Stretch Glass and later on some Opalescent and Custard Glass. I know that many people are "cross-collectors," and would find diverse guides helpful.  I also hope it attracts other glass collectors—and other antique browsers—to enjoy Carnival Glass as much as we do!

Thanks so much for your interest in this website, and good luck 

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Make sure to check out the Carnival Glass Price Guide with your Android or Smart Phone. Collectors will find this a great tool while traveling to auctions or sales.